Saturday, October 2, 2010

About Time I got to posting - Apple Cider Glazed Pork

So.... to say that I have neglected this blog is to state the obvious. Just because I have not taken the time to post anything in almost a year does not mean that I have not been cooking on my egg. Let me see since the last time I took a few moments to post to this blog I have been quite busy. I have:

Changed Jobs

Become a new father to a BEAUTIFUL daughter

perfected my pork shoulder technique

pefected my brisket technique
and cooked A LOT ! ! ! !
I really do enjoy cooking, in fact I would love to do it full time.

So I felt that it was high time I actually posted to this blog. Recently my wifes sister and her husband and mother visted us. My brother in law is looking for a traeger smoker so I went with him. While we were in the store (and is there any better store than a BBQ store?) I spotted some really unique rubs and glazes.

So tonight I decided to put these to use on a pork loin. After all it is fall (MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR !) and the apple and pork just go together ! Enjoy the pictures and I promise more posts on a more regular basis !