Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of the new Sauces and Rubs that I received over the holidays

So I decided to treat myself this year to a few mail-order sauces and rubs.


Rudys is a great texas bbq JOINT in texas that kelly and I found when we lived in the Dallas area a few years ago. Rudys is the kind of old meat market that you go and order the meat you want by weight. I had been craving some of their que ever since we left. THey have a great rub that has a wonderful spice to it. I ordered several bottles of their regular rub and 2 bottles of their turkey rub which is great for all poultry. THey also carry two forms of their sauce or sause as they call it. THe first is the sissy sause, which despite its name still has some kick to it and the regular sause. Both are a great spicy tomato based that goes great with chicken, pork and beef.

Mississippi State University

So in case you did not know I am also a graduate of Mississippi State University. GO BULLDOGS ! Mississippi State has a wonderful dairy program. Every year we order some of their award winning cheese. THis year we ordered the usual Edam and Jalepeno Chedder but in addition to the normal order of cheese we noticed last spring that MSU is now carrying a supply of BBQ sauce and Spice rubs. So I am giving them a try.

The Rubs are:
Steak Rub
Lemon Pepper

The sauces are:
Carolina BBQ
Steak sauce
and Regular BBG (This bottle arrived broken)

I am planning on doing some cooking soon and will let you know as soon as I have a report .

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