Friday, January 1, 2010

My Cookbook Fetish

It all began quite innocently while we lived in michigan and were holed up in the house due to the 3 feet of new snow on the ground and I discoveredthat you could buy cookbooks on ebay, specifically William Sonoma cookbooks and other such items on this really cool sight called ebay, well being homebound during the DEAD of a Michigan winter led me to start what has become a massive collection of cookbooks.

Now that my passions have turned to the fine art of BBQ, Smoking and Grilling I took it upon myself to spend some of the money that I recieved (thanks Mom and Dad) this year for Christmas and purchased a new round of cookbooks, this time however i got them new and not previously owned. I also received 3 cookbooks from Kelly as a christmas present from her.

I can hardly wait to try out some of the legiondary recipes in the coming weeks. So here are my latest additions to my collection. I think we are up to about 200 cookbooks in our kitchen library.

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