Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loaf Pan Chicken

Today was a very special day for my family. We are in the middle of IVF and we had our embryonic transfer today. We had a very successful transfer day and I decided we should do somthing to celebrate, so I decided to do what I do best..... COOK on my Big Green Egg.

Loaf Pan Chicken
Chris Lilly who is the pitt master at one of my favorite local BBQ Joints (Big Bob Gibsons in Decatur AL) has a new cookbook out which i strongly recomend to every one. Bob Gibson was the man that invented White BBQ sauce back in the 1920s. One of the recipes in his cookbook is a recipe for loaf pan chicken. Since the dip and flip chicken turned out so awesome I thought I would give this one a try.

  • 1 Roasting Chicken
  • 2 cups apple sauce (I used my wifes homeade apple sauce)
  • bbq rub
  • a loaf pan
  • Rinse chicken well
  • seperate skin from chicken and spoon some of the apple sauce between skin and breast meat
  • apply rest of apple sauce all over bird, really slather it on good
  • cover the entire chicken in your favorite bbq rub. I used some fromt he smokin guitar player
  • stuff bird into a loaf pan (i put the bird breast side down)

using hardwood charcoal and hickory and oak chips get your smoker (or in my case BGE) up to temperature on indirect heat. I got the egg up to about 275 and got it smoking. I put the bird on for about 1 hour. I turned the bird right side up at 100 degrees internal temperature. I took the bird off the grill at 170 and let rest a few minutes before carving.

This turned out really great. Chris Lilly certainly knows his stuff.... Kelly (my wife) now likes this even better than the dip and flip. I will definately try this again !


  1. Congrats on the IVF and this idea for chicken looks good...even if I have to do it in the oven:-) Thanks. kitchenbutterfly.com

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