Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Little Foodie

When you become a father you always hope that your child will one day follow in your footsteps in some way. Time will tell if Spencer becomes yet another in a long line of insurance agents (komisar Obama's desire to kill the industry aside) But as you can see from the picture he is already following in my footsteps by asserting his young foodie tendencies. This afternoon my

little guy did somthing that I have already admitted on this blog that i do not have the ability to do. This afternoon with the assistance of his mother, Spencer made apple turn-overs. Let me tell you they were better than anything I have ever attempted to turn out. I am sure it will not be too much longer before he is asking me for his own grill and just like his father he will want a set of grill tools as well.
You just have to love the happieness on his face knowing that he is creating somthing that will be eaten and enjoyed. And like his dad he has a nice blue apron .... how does the saying go... like Father like son.

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