Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dip and Flip Chicken

So I was sitting around this week wanting to try a new variation on Chicken. Lord knows I have done chicken about every way you can. I was reading Chris Lillys new book - "Big Bob Gibsons BBQ Book" and having eaten there and visited with Chris Lilly a few times I decided I would try to do the chicken his way... with WHITE BBQ sauce. Now i have to tell you that I do not like white bbq sauce at the resturant when it is applied to the product at the table. I have even seen several people put the stuff on their BBQ potato I just did not like it. Chris told me that the secret to really knock em dead smoked chicken is to do this dip and flip thing. So the end result is probably the best chicken I have ever eaten. My wife forbids me from ever grilling chicken any other way (keep in mind she HATES mayonase)

So here goes....

First I did not do this one from scratch. I felt that for a first attempt I would just use the bottled stuff but i would doctor it up a bit. I got (Thanks Kelly) 2 bottles of Big Bob Gibsons white sauce and mixed in some of the Big Bob Gibsons rub, I set that aside in the fridge to work the flavors together. Then I cut up a whole chicken into 6 pieces (wings, breasts, leg/thigh) and rubbed with oil and then applied a liberal amount of the run mix to the birds and put into the fridge overnight.

When I was ready to begin I started by soaking some Jack Daniels Oak Chips in some water and went out to Light the Egg. I got the temp up to about 250 and set the place setter in for indirect cooking and decided to use the porcelin rack instead of the cast iron grate that i actually prefer.
I put the chicken on and allowed to smoke for about 20 minutes before applying the first dip

And since the recipe says to DIP and FLip... that is exactly what it means. You have to take the whole piece of chicken and dunk it into the whitesauce and place back on the grill. I must admit i was curious to see whether or not this would actually end up looking like a real piece of BBQ chicken or not, i mean COME ON White BBQ sauce. Bob Gibson must have been drubnk or somthing when he first came up with this. MAYONAISE is not somthing i would ever think of to BBQ with.

So the first 30 minutes came and went and it was time to flip

And so on....
And so forth
for about 3.5 hours

And then finally it is done. Let me just say that this is by far the most succulent chicken I have ever eaten. I will NEVER do BBQ chicken any other way..... Ok i may fidge on that... but yes this is that good.

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