Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Better way to light a grill

Ok I have read and seen alot of different suggestions about how to light your Big Green Egg. Lets look at a few;

Lighter Fluid - Give me a break, do you really want that chemical taste on your ribeye?
Electric Starter - I dont know, there is just somthing basically wrong with plugging your charcoal in;

Chimney Starter - This is a pretty good method, and was actually my prefered method until I found a better way
BGE Fire Starters - Again, not a bad way to go. This certainly does the trick

But..... the best way to staart your Egg for my money is...

A BLOW TORCH - This provides a Fast, Hot, Consistent flame that you can control. I am looking at the golfclub from BBQ Guru, which you can get from Freds Music and BBQ (see link). When I get that I will certainly let you know

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