Sunday, August 16, 2009

25 Culinary Things About Me

Ok so another blog that I follow laid down the challenge to do this... so here I go:

1. My set of knives is from Germany, Wuesthoff to be exact;

2. We own exactly 112 cookbooks on all different subjects, most are Williams Sonoma that I picked up from E-Bay at an average cost of $3.00 per book;

3. I cook the ENTIRE thanksgiving meal as a gift of love to my wife who I am thankful to have in my life;

4. I can grill, smoke, and deep fry a whole chicken, but try as I might I can not pan fry chicken, the attempts are ghastly;

5 Our cookware is actually 2 different sets of emerilware made by All-Clad;

6. On any given week I cook at least 4 - 5 meals on my Big Green Egg, the wife LOVES this in the summer;

7. I learned to cook in the Boy-Scouts, but really got going by watching Alton Brown and Emeril Laggasi and any other number of shows on Food Network;

8. My favorite food now that I hated as a child is Spinich.... NOT THE BOILED TO DEATH CRAP that i was force fed as a child but sauteed young spinich YUMMY;

9. I own 7 cutting boards;

10 Fall is my favorite season of the year, not only for football season but for all the fall food and eating opportunities (think Thanksgiving and Tailgating) it provides;

11 Liver, Gizzards and any other organ meat no matter what form, not even drenched in Bacon and Onions is ever GOOD EATS - Dont try, you will be shot on site in this home for even suggesting it;

12 The smell of hickory burning instantly puts me in a good mood;

13 When we got married, I actually handled the Kitchen on the wedding registry, Kelly trusted me to select the gadgets;

14 I recognize that i trully and a Gadget guy. We need a whole new wing of our home just for kitchen gadgets

15 In the past we have had and extra fridge just for the over-flow

16 I think I get my love of cooking the big meals from my mom. She will actually call everyone before thanksgiving to make sure she has a special dish for all who might be present. Now keep in mind this may very well mean as many as 20 dishes. I have also seen as many as 10 pies at a gathering. Like my mom, i do LOVE the week long prep time this takes;

17 No matter how much i try i simply can not bake. NOPE cant do it it is usually a disaster, I leave the holiday baking to my wife, which she is amazing at;

18 You have not had apple cider, in fact you have not lived until you have tried fresh-pressed apple cider in the fall from a cider mill. My inlaws live just up the street from one in Ohio. We even served apple cider at our wedding.

19 Pumpkin Pancakes with apple cider syrup. NOW THAT IS FALL

20 To say I love cheese is an understatement. When we go to visit my wifes family in Ohio, it is manditory that we visit Amish COuntry and go to Heini's Chalet. THis is a cheese emporium, and when I say emporium Im not kidding they have no less than 300 different types of cheese available. Most of what is on display is made right on site. Just about 5 miles from Heini's is the creamery that baby swiss was invented. YUMMO

21 The best BBQ, heck the best food period is usually found in little out of the way places that you actually want to check your shot records before you go in. You can find most of these places on another Blog I follow - Im convinced that Alton Brown follows it also

22 I once drove 200 miles round trip with some friends at the drop of the hat just to eat some Ribs, White BRead and drink beer. NO SIDES Just Ribs Bread and BEER

23 Cooking, Grilling, Smoking Meat is theraputic to me. I love to releive stress this way. One day I will build a smokehouse and Proper Outdoor kitchen, and might even run cable out there. Honey when this happens, especially in football season you may not see me for months at a time;

24 I taught myself to make my own bacon FROM SCRATCH. It really is so much better.

25. I started getting into BBQ because of a salmon fishing trip. I brough back some salmon and decided i needed a deep freeze and a smoker... and thus the adventure began.

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