Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About time

 Well it has been a long time shince I last posted an update to this blog.   We are in the middle of much change in our life.  As I type this I am surrounded by boxes as we pack (YET AGAIN) for another move.  This time however we are only moving about 3 miles away.   Our new home is still in south Huntsville.

ANYWAY,  along with the move I decided that the table that my big green egg has sat in ever since i got her over 3 years ago has been in  need of some of my attention.

After hours of sanding, striping, staining and sealing I have a "NEW" table that will house the BGE at our new house.   We finally are getting a home with a deck and I think this will look great !

Saturday, October 2, 2010

About Time I got to posting - Apple Cider Glazed Pork

So.... to say that I have neglected this blog is to state the obvious. Just because I have not taken the time to post anything in almost a year does not mean that I have not been cooking on my egg. Let me see since the last time I took a few moments to post to this blog I have been quite busy. I have:

Changed Jobs

Become a new father to a BEAUTIFUL daughter

perfected my pork shoulder technique

pefected my brisket technique
and cooked A LOT ! ! ! !
I really do enjoy cooking, in fact I would love to do it full time.

So I felt that it was high time I actually posted to this blog. Recently my wifes sister and her husband and mother visted us. My brother in law is looking for a traeger smoker so I went with him. While we were in the store (and is there any better store than a BBQ store?) I spotted some really unique rubs and glazes.

So tonight I decided to put these to use on a pork loin. After all it is fall (MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR !) and the apple and pork just go together ! Enjoy the pictures and I promise more posts on a more regular basis !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tacos Al Pastor

Well today was a very COLD winters day and i really wanted to do somthing on the BGE. I took out a pork shoulder but we really did not want the usual pulled pig sandwhich or plate. Hmm what to do what to do. Kelly said that she has a real desire for some mexican so I got to thinking, what about Tacos Al Pastor? Good enough.

Also today I am trying Byrons Butt Rub. It smells wonderful and taste great. I LOVE IT. So I woke up this moring and got the fire going. Now keep in mind that the air temperature outside was 7 degrees above zero not to mention the below zero wind chill. However it is going to be a clear day and NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING smells better than a hickory fire buringin on a cold cold day. In fact as I type this I have a roaring fire in the fireplace.

The Pig Shoulder after about 1 hour on the BGE
Shoulder almost done. 10 hours of goodness
The Pig off the bone

And the final product.... Taco Al Pastor... MY VERSION

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone. Ok so yeah I know it is January 2nd but my wife was not feeling great yesterday so I decided to make her the promised prime rib on the 2nd when she had more energy and appetite.

She went wild for the injection that i used on the fried turkey the other day so we decided to try injecting some marinade in the prime rib. I am also using some of the BGE Green Pecan Rub. I really like the Rub, it has a great flavor that really compliments most anything we have tried it on so far. I have to say that I was not all that impressed with the taste of the final product, and I think it is because we used a roasted garlic creole butter injection. THis gave the meat a slightly sweet taste which i DO NOT LIKE for beef. Oh well wont make that mistake again. As for future cooking sessions, I am researching several recipes from the cookbooks that I got over Christmas. At any rate enjoy my latest grill session.... THE FIRST OF 2010.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Cookbook Fetish

It all began quite innocently while we lived in michigan and were holed up in the house due to the 3 feet of new snow on the ground and I discoveredthat you could buy cookbooks on ebay, specifically William Sonoma cookbooks and other such items on this really cool sight called ebay, well being homebound during the DEAD of a Michigan winter led me to start what has become a massive collection of cookbooks.

Now that my passions have turned to the fine art of BBQ, Smoking and Grilling I took it upon myself to spend some of the money that I recieved (thanks Mom and Dad) this year for Christmas and purchased a new round of cookbooks, this time however i got them new and not previously owned. I also received 3 cookbooks from Kelly as a christmas present from her.

I can hardly wait to try out some of the legiondary recipes in the coming weeks. So here are my latest additions to my collection. I think we are up to about 200 cookbooks in our kitchen library.

Some of the new Sauces and Rubs that I received over the holidays

So I decided to treat myself this year to a few mail-order sauces and rubs.


Rudys is a great texas bbq JOINT in texas that kelly and I found when we lived in the Dallas area a few years ago. Rudys is the kind of old meat market that you go and order the meat you want by weight. I had been craving some of their que ever since we left. THey have a great rub that has a wonderful spice to it. I ordered several bottles of their regular rub and 2 bottles of their turkey rub which is great for all poultry. THey also carry two forms of their sauce or sause as they call it. THe first is the sissy sause, which despite its name still has some kick to it and the regular sause. Both are a great spicy tomato based that goes great with chicken, pork and beef.

Mississippi State University

So in case you did not know I am also a graduate of Mississippi State University. GO BULLDOGS ! Mississippi State has a wonderful dairy program. Every year we order some of their award winning cheese. THis year we ordered the usual Edam and Jalepeno Chedder but in addition to the normal order of cheese we noticed last spring that MSU is now carrying a supply of BBQ sauce and Spice rubs. So I am giving them a try.

The Rubs are:
Steak Rub
Lemon Pepper

The sauces are:
Carolina BBQ
Steak sauce
and Regular BBG (This bottle arrived broken)

I am planning on doing some cooking soon and will let you know as soon as I have a report .

Thursday, December 31, 2009

LET IT BE DONE - Goodbye 2009 HELLO 2010

So I know it has been quite some time since I bothered to sit down and write anything for this blog. Beleive it or not the 4th quarter of any year is a very very busy time for the business that I am in. I am a sales manager in the employee benefits consulting field, so I have been overwhelmed with work and January 1 effective dates. I am a bit burned out on work at the moment and I am looking very much forward to getting back to regular cooking.

So what did "Santa" bring me that I will be blogging about? Christmas was really good in this home. THe BBQ Gods came and left me all kinds of good things and I will soon be posting pictures of all the great resources and tools (and food items) that I received over the past several weeks. Some of what you will be seeing and hearing about include:

New BBQ tools from William Sonoma
Sausage from Kreuz Market in Lockhart TX
New two probe thermomitor
MANY great new cookbooks, several specifically for BBQ and grilling
Indoor Turkey Fryer

I plan for 2010 to be a great year for my pit.

I am also planing several new projects and will be updating you as I complete them.

GOD Bless, Good Luck and have a very Happy and Prosperous Smoke FIlled new Year